Legendary Myths: Raven Adventures

Legendary Myths is a series of short films featuring adaptations of aboriginal myths from various First Nations’ cultures. The first season is entitled “Raven Adventures” and is inspired by folklore from the Pacific Northwest. The second season is entitled “Wisakedjak and Wolf Brother” and is inspired by stories from the Plains Tribes.

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In Raven and The Sea Wolf, Raven falls in love and will do anything to win the heart of his girl. The girl’s mother tells him that if he captures the famous Sea Wolf, Wasago, he can have her daughter’s hand in marriage. Wasago is a very dangerous creature … is Raven out of his league or can his cunning save the day?

Horned Serpent

A full length feature film (120 minutes) about a teenage boy’s journey to become a man as he tracks his sister’s abductor.

Coming Soon

An underwater horned serpent, is said to lurk in lakes and steal humans’ life force. Can our hero protect his sister from this monster in human form?