Raven Steals The Light (2016)

A battle between two mythological creatures fighting over the gift of light to free the world. Based on the ancient Haida myth and adapted by Groove Soldier Productions for screen.

Zombie Selfie (2015)

Two young lovers stumble upon a top-secret laboratory brimming with unexpected horrors. Starring S-Raj Kumar.

Game Over (2015)

A one-minute film shot both as a silent film and with original musical score; the last two people on earth that don’t know how to communicate with each other. Starring Erin Albert and Colin Campbell.

A Raven’s Song (2014)

A young Aboriginal is caught between a moral dilemma and saving his grandmother’s life. Awarded “Best Native American/Aboriginal short film” in the Best Short Film Festival (Los Angeles), March 2015. Starring Hunter Cardinal, Stephanie Harpe and Tammy Rain.

Bill Bourne’s “Hand on the Plow” Music Video (2014)

Juno award winner Bill Bourne’s song “Hand on the Plow” performed live at Sacred Heart Church of the First People in Edmonton, AB.

A Good Man Music Video (2014)

A woman is looking for a truly good man who will treat her right in this fun music video created for Sinder Sparks (just in time for a Valentine’s Day release). We created two versions of the video – one that told the story (top) and another one of the band (bottom).

A Seduction Spell (2013)

A socially inept young man goes to great lengths to win the affection of a self-absorbed Goth girl. To free them both, he needs to break through the technological walls in which she has trapped herself and reclaim the power he has within himself. Starring Clint Yanchula and Adara Broyles.

Leviticus Short Film (2012)

A political satire about a U.S. Senator running for President who bases his platform on opposition to same sex marriage. Complications arise as he suspects his mistress of cheating on him. Nominated for the Edmonton Film Prize. Starring Tom Edwards.