About Us

Groove Soldier Productions was created in 2008 by Daniel Foreman (the Groove Soldier himself!). Dan created the company as a base to further his music, writing and film work. In 2011, he met producer Sharlene Millang while working on an Edmonton film set. The two started collaborating and in 2012 created their first film together, a student film called “Leviticus“. They found that they enjoyed working together and decided a professional partnership would be beneficial for their creative work.

Dan and Sharlene have unique skills in the film community in that they are both business people (Dan is a graphic designer and marketer; Sharlene is an administrator with financial skills) as well as being strong creatives.

In addition to this foundational team, Groove Soldier Productions is a collective of cinematographers, craftspersons, technicians, actors, illustrators, writers and animators.